I am tall.
My name is Mark.
I make music.

Book Me

I also emcee events, host shows, impersonate Weird Al, am a washed-up actor, etc, etc, but for the sake of simplicity and having a sleek intro to my website instead of ruining it with a giant paragraph, I just put that I make music- is that okay?

Get your music fix

Jun 28 The Trying To Fit In Show Kitchener, Ontario 6:00pm
$10 | Fb
Dec 23 The Last Show Ever For Now (because I’m leaving) Secret Location 3:30pm
$15 | Fb
Nov 10 Original Comedy Music LanaLou’s 6:30pm
Nov 9 Candace Coker Band Trees Organic Coffee Granville 8:00pm
Nov 2 Original Comedy Music Trees Organic Coffee Granville 8:00pm
Oct 4 Candace Coker Band Anza Live IV @ The Anza Club 10:30pm
Sep 7 Original Comedy Music PUP Bike Ride @ Granville Island 8:45pm
Aug 19 Original Comedy Music Pancakes & Jam @ Trout Lake 2:15pm
Aug 2 Original Comedy Music The Railway Stage & Beer Café 8:00pm
Jul 29 Open Mic Host The Fringe Café 9:00pm
Jul 28 Original Parodies Weird Al Karaoke @ Little Mountain Gallery 8:00pm
Jul 20 Special Guest w/ Cats Flipping Birds LanaLou’s 7:00pm
Jun 30 Original Comedy Music Sounds of Vancity @ The Backstage Lounge 9:00pm
Jun 14 Original Comedy Music Anza Live III @ The Anza Club 8:00pm
May 27 MEZCLA The Kino 3:30pm
Mar 31 MEZCLA The Fairview Pub 8:30pm
Mar 25 MEZCLA (Latin Rock) Carnaval Del Sol @ Second Floor Eatery 3:30pm
Mar 3 Sing-Alongs & Request-a-Songs The Kitchen Table Kits 9:00pm
Feb 13 Original Comedy Music Cartems Donuterie Mount Pleasant 9:00pm

Hire Me

I’ll entertain your bar patrons, I’ll serenade your wedding attendees, I’ll be the centre of attention at your next house party, I’ll follow you around for the whole day and improvise songs about your life, or anything else you can think of.